Increase profits with direct bank payments.

Facepay is different than the way you currently take payments. Use your existing processor to take Visa and Mastercard. Facepay is better because is part of your existing workflow . Services Writers at Facepay shops invite customers to add accounts. When the repair is complete, they accept the direct bank payment. Facepay is that simple.

Imagine that an additional 35% of your business is the same as cash. Our shops do it every day. Let us show you how the industry's only subscription payments model can transform your business.
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Shops pay hundreds of dollars a day in credit card processing fees. Why wait? Use your newfound leverage to apply for Facepay Capital.
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Expert Panel On How to Grow in 2022
Webinar - December 16 - 9am (Pacific) - Noon (Eastern)
Join us with special Expert Panel on the subject of Growing Your Business in 2022. Panelists include Kim Hickey, Automotive Training Institute; Ryan Burton, CEO of LeadsNearMe; Monique Mondragon, Shop-Ware; and Brittany Schindler, Facepay Power User and GM of Rod's Japanese Auto Care Inc.
Dec 7, 2021
Facepay Announces FacepayCapital as Auto Repair Shops Grow to Meet Unprecedented Demand
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Facepay Inc. announces their new offering FacepayCapital immediately available for all auto repair shops on its platform. This product comes at a unique time when auto shops are grappling with accelerating demand from the ongoing pandemic. FacepayCapital provides access to funds needed for staffing, diagnostic services, training and other near term upgrades. Customers who use Facepay tend to have better cash flow and therefore are more likely to get loans or lines of credit approved quickly. With FacepayCapital, they can apply for a loan directly from the product, which saves time and paperwork.
May 12, 2022
Facepay: The Top Guns of Profit
Are you excited about the next Top Gun? So are we! Our founder hangers the Facepay jet with the same crew that filmed the next Top Gun Movie. Read more of the back story and how we work in the May issue of AutoLink.
Mar 1, 2022
Facepay Announces Facepay Crypto to Bring Cryptocurrency Payments to Auto Shops
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Facepay Inc. announced today the release of Facepay Crypto, an addition to its pioneering relational payments platform known for freeing business owners from credit card transaction fees and leveraging the security of blockchain technologies. Facepay’s Relational Payments disrupted the industry with its bold fixed-price subscription model in late 2020 and is poised to shake up the payments industry again with the introduction of Facepay Crypto.
Jan 5, 2022
ATI Announces New Annual Partner Program - Facepay Diamond Parter
The Automotive Training Institute (ATI) announced the official launch of its new Annual Partner Program. This program is an exclusive, higher-level collaboration between ATI and industry-leading suppliers aimed at bringing maximum value to all participating parties.The program will elevate ATI’s coaching and training program to new heights by giving members direct access to partner-related resources, expertise, and services. Additionally, partners will benefit from increased exposure to ATI’s expanding member network and broad industry reach to collision and repair shop owners throughout the U.S. and Canada.
Nov 30, 2021
Facepay Accelerates Shop Customer Usability Enhancements Ahead of Credit Card Rate Increases
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Facepay Inc. announces significant usability enhancements to its core Relational Payments platform amidst coming increases in credit cards merchant processing not seen in decades. Repair shops using Facepay offer increased convenience to their customers as part of their service workflow. Shop customer adoption is accelerating while using Facepay just as credit card rates are increasing for all full service and discount card processors.
August 5, 2021
As Seen in Ratchet+Wrench
An exciting look at the disruption that is making shop profits soar. Facepay's secret is listening to shops and making it easy for service writers and customers to use.
Meet our team to learn more and we will send you lunch for your shop.
Aug 10, 2021
Facepay Adds New Customer Conversion Product Ahead of Credit Card Rate Increase
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Facepay Inc. announces a significant addition to its Relational Payments platform ahead of the credit card processor rate increase in 2022. This product is now available for all businesses that use the Facepay relational payments platform. This new product allows auto shops to convert customers to direct bank payments ahead of next year’s rate increases. This results in significant profits and more money in the shops' pocket. Available now at www.facepay.io.
We offer all of our employees full health coverage with the money we save from Facepay.
Brittany Schindler, General Manager, Rod's Japanese Auto Care, ATI Member
A+ Japanese Auto Repair will save $48,000 this year in credit card fees using Facepay.
Eric Sevim, Owner, A+ Japanese auto repair
Top Shops Use It
Facepay is used at many Christian Brothers locations, Valley, Automotive, A+ Japanese, Sunny Sonoco, Hawthorne Auto Clinic, Buckley's Automotive and hundreds of other shops. We are endorsed by ATI, multiple ASA, ASCCA, among others.
Facepay Works
Our average repair order is $943 and payments are cleared to shops the same day. A typical shop converts more than 100 customers a month to Facepay. Why? Customers like a modern checkout experience. Especially at drop off and pick up.
Guaranteed Profits
We disrupt the market with our fixed priced subscription model starting at $99/mo. There are no more transaction fees. Our average shop makes $20,000 a year in additional profit by not paying credit card fees.

How Facepay Works

Facepay is a relational payments platform used as part of your existing workflow. You accept payment when service is completed. There is no switching required; Facepay works with your existing software and legacy payments.
Accept Payment
When you are finished with the service for your customer, you accept payment. That's all.
Facepay does same-day clearing and shops see their profit margin increase by 15%. If your customers make payment or want to pick up after hours, you have fees for canceled credit card transactions, or one of the many caught with a card not present rate increase... Facepay solves all of these too.
Your Workflow
Facepay is part of your workflow and we engage your customers when they begin service with you.
72% of customers prefer the convenience of setting up service with a business they frequent. Only Facepay technology works with all management systems.
Customer Conversion
Customers do it every day. They connect their bank and authorize payments in one step.
On average, 40% of customers sign up with business like yours.

What's Included

Facepay Features   Subscription
Add Customers Integrates with management system, email, text, qr (scan) code Unlimited
Payments Accept payments of up to $5000/wk per customer Unlimited
Clearing Same day clearing to your bank with no transaction fees Unlimited
Dashboard Easy to use site for accepting payments. Included
Text To Pay Optionally send out links for signup and payment Included
Reporting Quickbooks ready reports for accounting Included
Workflow Integrates with all management systems and dvi available. Included

Endorsed by the biggest names in Automotive.

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Our Demo

We show you how your service writers accept payment in the same type of environment all of our customers use. You will see how, with no additional work, you can turn the corner and begin to eliminate your processing fees.

In The News

Facepay Adds Subscription Option

"In general, 72% of consumers prefer usage-based pricing and 53% indicate that if their preferred brand offered a customizable subscription option to pay for the services they need each month, they would buy it."
Modern Tire Newsletter
June 16, 2021

Contactless and Worry Free

The innovative and contactless Facepay technology facilitates transactions through direct debit from the customer’s bank to the shop’s bank, successfully eliminating all credit card fees. To learn more about how this new platform is keeping customers and shops safe while adding convenience and saving money, Ratchet+Wrench sat down with staff from two shops who have been using the technology since the beginning.
Ratchet + Wrench
February 1, 2021

About Facepay

We invented relational payments as a completely new subscription model for direct payments. And it works.
Our mission is to eliminate credit card processing fees. Shops work hard for their money and strive to make a profit. We eliminate all processors, fees, surcharges and kickbacks. Together, let's do good business.
Facepay is founded by Dr. Mark Hale, a silicon valley veteran. Mark built Demandforce and is well regarded in automotive. The entire company is made of people that worked together in the industry and knows how to execute.
What we value most is that customers use it every day. They use our relational payments platform to pay service businesses. We are built on a private blockchain for integrity, link together banking, transactions and fraud detection in a seamless way that works universally with all management systems.